Be In the Know: Jet Ski Rentals Safety & Regulations


To be able to enjoy the thrills of operating a personal watercraft, Jet Ski or any type of vessel that belongs on the water, there are some rules and regulations to keep you in the know of boating. The Pompano beaches provide an excellent opportunity for those who love our scenic beaches, excellent waterways and vibrant marine life. If you’re interested in renting a Jet Ski or PWC, we’d like to inform on how you can enjoy what the Sunshine State has to offer, but first there’s a list of rules, safety tips and regulations that must be adhered to before you venture out into the waters.

First, to rent a PWC or Jet Ski here, one must be at least 18 years old to rent one by themselves and at least 14 years old to operate a PWC. Our rental facility is up to standard by not issuing a vessel that does not have the proper safety equipment on board, exceeds the regulated horsepower,exceeds the capacity of weight, or isn’t worthy of being out on the sea. Anyone who would like to ride a Jet Ski are required to pass an exam,by law, to be issued a temporary certificate that is valid for a year. Rental services at the Pompano location will gladly instruct and demonstrate an on-the-water tutorial on PWCs.

The thrills of Jet Skiing are guaranteed, but your safety isn’t when riders perform reckless and careless maneuvers. When operating a PWCs, it is safe to do so in a safe and reasonable manner to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. A rider can be cited for reckless operation, which is a first degree misdemeanor in the state of Florida. When you begin your experience on our beautiful waterways, you’ll notice posted signposts such as, idle speed or no wake zone, slow speed or minimum wake and other signs that will direct you in the right direction of operating PWCs. Never operate a Jet Ski under influence of any substance, and always adhere to the markers and/or buoys on the waters for guidance.

The Pompano beaches are home to vast marine life, and we’d like you to enjoy nature at play but watch out for manatees. Manatees are protected by the state of Florida and it is illegal to harass or kill manatees. It’s best to keep to a distance if you encounter a manatee. Other things to remember during your stay on the Pompano beaches is to remember your sharing it with others. Be mindful of other boaters, Jet skiers, people, marine life and use common sense when riding a Jet Ski or PWC. We encourage you to have fun, enjoy the scenery, sea, and lastly, your experience out on the water.